We are pleased to announce Mardi Gras, “Let the Good Times Roll”! Presented by, Fem’s Quarter A Jazz Blues club. This is our very first Carnival!
We are planning to have this become an annual event, along with a late April, Jazz Fest!

The theme for our Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, is, ‘Let the Good Times Roll”!


There will be 3 categories:

1. Paz decorating
2. T-shirt design
3. Poster design

These competing pazs will become the city in which we hold the Carnival!
So please keep within the style of New Orleans, remembering, we are a PG_13 world!

For t-shirts and posters, ALL entries, MUST be submitted to me, with a picture and the name of shirt, or poster artwork when or before they are listed in auctions for purchase.
You may do this by sending a picture and the title of item to me through e-mail. (address and rules listed below)

These must all be NEW designs, exclusive to this years Festivals! Nothing already in world will be allowed, and will be disqualified if revealed.

This contest is open to any and all Therians, in good standing.

Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded at the Carnival’s Finale on the Feb 28th (Fat Tuesday.)

at the end of the Finale event on Feb 28th.

So, get busy, read up online for info on New Orleans, if you need to get a taste of the flavors that life on the Southern Gulf Coast is all about! ‘whaaaala”

See ya There!
Hugs, fem