As we are celebrating Jazz Blues Fest here in There… (lol)

We will be stepping in time, with the "Live" Jazz and Heritage Festival going on in the city of New Orleans! Yeah Man! They are having the Fest!!!! (Re: post Katrina)

I have placed this link here for you to check out. Explore the city, the schedule, booths, and ALL that JAZZ BLUES offers 🙂 And,… if you get to go in person, bring back PICS!

I am happy to announce that on Sunday, April 30th-we will have the pleasure of listening to the perfomance of Xedos, as he sings and plays his guitar for the Jazz Fest! '''YAY

We also have alfbbking, who will be performing on his guitar, playing his original selection, that I had the pleasure of getting to hear at a recent talent show,… he won! '''YAY

The latest to sign on for our listening pleasure is: Banshee_Kate, I don't have to tell you all about her lovely voice! Don't miss this chance to hear her again!

…there are a few other names to be added as soon as they are confirmed.
Check back for more to come!

Also, in the Featured designers:

Xedos, DreamWeaver, Charlena, HookedOnHarmony… waiting on a few more confirmations and will then post the others here as well. CHECK BACK SOON 🙂