OMG… Where to begin?

"Jazz Blues Festival 2006", brought to you by Fems_Quarter_a_Jazz_Blues_club, was as one Thereian wrote in the forums, "one of the best" in There events!

And, I have to say that I agree with that πŸ™‚

Here is a recap;

Opening was on Friday evening April 28th, at Mackie's funzone, Steadman, Napea.

On Center Stage _KC aired selections by Linda Ronstadt, Then CAM71 streamed in some fantastic Stevie Ray Vaughn!

That was so much fun and everyone loved it!

44 people attended this opening!

A Buggy Race was set up by Xedos and alisha, that took you on a fantastic trip across Jazz History! If you haven't yet, and it is still up, give it a try! It was great fun πŸ™‚ Thanks you two for a job well done!

Everyone who finished the race was entered in a drawing. Those winners and prizes are: ZMW Jazz Blues Festival 2006 Buggy, donated to us by ZachC, was won by Jane_Austen! And for the fastest time in the race, thoreau won the Inferno Yoshibike, donated by Yoshistoshi. Thanks to both of you for your donations! Very generous thing to do!

Congrats to the winners!

Jane_Austen provided us with "Austen's Art Gallery", showcasing all the marvelous works of Jazz / Blues and musical abstracts reflecting on the Gulf Coast and the contributions they made to Jazz/Blues on the world! Great show Jane, thanks!

Saturday's event started with_KC bringing Norah Jones and then CAM71 gave us more Stevie Ray Vaughn, there were shoutcast stations playing the best of Jazz and Blues along the funzone!  Aha, yes even I got up and "giggled" to the audience with some music tracks by Joss Stone! Too much Fun πŸ˜€

60 people attended the daytime event!

After 74 people came to the evening event on Saturday, I'm sorry to say we had to cancel the remainder of the evening, due to technical difficulties. However, … that didn't stop us!        We returned on Sunday with a BANG!

Sunday's daytime event had 67 people show up to hear the great music and join in on the activities of the weekend! We heard "Live" performances from Xedos, wow, you really sound great! Banshee_Kate, you always do such a great job! and David_E_MD this was my first chance to hear you, and I loved it! You were all Fantastic! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

They were all fantastic!!!! (*flicks lighter)

Teknomage put on a Buggy Show, of a few her very RARE and Collectible buggies!

Though she could have filled Steadman, she stopped dropping them, after about 30 or so,… as she didn't want to bring the world to a screetching hault!

Thanks for the show Tek! GREAT collection!

More entertainment was provided by Sissimaid, With a hilarious Slapstick Comedy and Dance routine, as well as airing selections of the late great Nat King Cole! (good stuff)!

The last hour of the show, was "Open Mic"! Now that was really fun!

CapeCodBob jumped up on stage to bring us a song of his homeland. Also joining in on the opportunity to share the spotlight was alisha, whose voice is so sweet, aztec3 and GrafVonSchnitzl All playing tracks of their favorites!

Thanks to you all, it was really cool! 'TU!

Now to the Contest and Winners!

Closing with an Awards Ceremony, held at the foothill of Steadman, in "Jazz Fest Park 2006",

WINNERS FOR JAZZ FEST CONTEST  announced and awarded at the Fest, with 560K in TBUX prizes!

3rd place: Jazz Blues Fest; GrandMOMZ       25K in TBUX
2nd place: I Love Jazz; akasthedarkone        50K in TBUX
1st place: Moody Blues: Basya                     75K in TBUX

3rd place: Jazz Fest '06 FS ; Charlena          25K in TBUX
2nd place: Hands of Jazz FS; alisah             50K in TBUX
1st place: All That Jazz FS; GrandMOMZ      75K in TBUX
3rd place: Jazz Fest Guitar; Xedos                25K in TBUX
2nd place; Event Billboard; GrandMOMZ        50K in TBUX                                                                                         1st Place; ZMW Jazz Fest '06 Buggy; ZachC   75K in TBUX

The MASTERPIECE:                                  100K in TBUX
Jazz Fest Park 2006; aztec3

Honorable Mention:
Sax Screen; GrandMOMZ                               5K in TBUX
Blue notes 5 seater; A_Kalashnikova              5K in TBUX

All weekend long, there were PAZ's set up along the foothills at the bottom of Steadman!

They consisted of, my paz "Jazz Fest HeadQuarters"; "A Nature Paz" by Xedos; "KPOW Justice Radio", by TwinklesJR and ran by DJ Judge and DJ Azmyth; "Celtic CD Display" by Banshee_Kate; "The Blue Room" by A_Kalashnikova; "The Garden" by TwinklesJR; and my "Jazz Fest Park 2006" where we closed the 2006 Festival!

So, as you can see,… if you missed it, well…. You MISSED it! 😦

But, we plan this to be an annual event, so there is always next year! '''YAY

I want to make a special thank you to my club members, Fems Quarter a Jazz blues club! You are a wonderful bunch of people and I am very proud to have you in my club πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for your constant support!

Also a special thanks to DreamWeaver and Teknomage for agreeing to be on the panel with me, to judge the contest! I appreciate your taking the time to do this and I know it was NOT an easy task! All entries were fantastic and we had a hard time deciding!

Thanks to all who entered!

To Geea, Thumdar, Mackie, Sissimaid and Icedoll for the publicity, Thanks so much!

And to Mackie, for the use of Steadman! It was Perfect πŸ˜€

Hugs, Fem