The contest is to create the best PAZ with a Mardi Gras/New Orleans/Jazz/Blues theme. You can enter more than one PAZ if you like.

To enter EACH of your PAZs just send an e-mail to:, subject: CONTEST THERE MARDI GRAS, give the name and theme of you PAZ (ie; if you want your PAZ to be a barber shop, give it a name and say for instance, “Beaudreaux’s Cuts”, a barber shop.

You must be willing to place your PAZ for judging, at the Carnival site, on the weekend of the 25th and 26th. After they have been judged, we will notify you and you may move them, until the Carnival Eve, Monday, Feb. 27th. They MUST stay on the Carnival site, as part of the city, until after the Finale, Fat Tuesday, Feb. 28th, at 7 pm central time.

The Finale is when the winners will be announced and recieve the prizes of TBUX!

Don’t forget to sign up too for the Fem’s Quarter a Jazz Blues club event, so you will be counted. You can also “go there” to see where the event is, so you will know where to be on the judging weekend. And to get your teleport on Carnival Day! Do that here: sign up for this event.


1st place; 100,000 TBUX

2nd place; 75,000 TBUX

3rd place; 50,000 TBUX