New Orleans Jazz Fest / Our Fest! Monday, Apr 10 2006 

As we are celebrating Jazz Blues Fest here in There… (lol)

We will be stepping in time, with the "Live" Jazz and Heritage Festival going on in the city of New Orleans! Yeah Man! They are having the Fest!!!! (Re: post Katrina)

I have placed this link here for you to check out. Explore the city, the schedule, booths, and ALL that JAZZ BLUES offers ūüôā And,… if you get to go in person, bring back PICS!

I am happy to announce that on Sunday, April 30th-we will have the pleasure of listening to the perfomance of Xedos, as he sings and plays his guitar for the Jazz Fest! '''YAY

We also have alfbbking, who will be performing on his guitar, playing his original selection, that I had the pleasure of getting to hear at a recent talent show,… he won! '''YAY

The latest to sign on for our listening pleasure is: Banshee_Kate, I don't have to tell you all about her lovely voice! Don't miss this chance to hear her again!

…there are a few other names to be added as soon as they are confirmed.
Check back for more to come!

Also, in the Featured designers:

Xedos, DreamWeaver, Charlena, HookedOnHarmony… waiting on a few more confirmations and will then post the others here as well. CHECK BACK SOON ūüôā


CONTEST & Jazz Blues Fest details here! Tuesday, Mar 14 2006 

“Fems Quarter a Jazz Blues club,” is hosting our first Jazz Blues Fest, on¬†
Saturday and Sunday, April 29 & 30. from 11am — 4pm Central Standard Time¬†
both days.
Location will be announced in the coming weeks, as will Jazz Fest  schedule.
Starting this week we are announcing the first of our plans.
The 2 day Event:

We are setting up small intimate bandstands to feature each musical 
There will be multiple bandstands as we will try to provide an actual Jazz 
Fest atmosphere, in which to best accommodate the musicians and give the 
guests the best listening experience possible.
Hosting several bandstands will give everyone the opportunity to roam from 
stage to stage, listening to the featured music that each will provide. The 
number musicians will be determined by the response we receive from the  readers
across There!
We know there are many hidden talented Thereians out there. Some not so 
We encourage ALL those wonderful voices to unite together in this 
opportunity of Song!
So please, if you have a songbird voice and want to use it, or you know 
someone who does, send your reply to the address given below.

¬† ¬† ¬† Oh yeah.. that’s not all!
We will be having Huge TBUX prizes, for the following contests.
For A Commemorative Jazz Blues¬† Festival ’06 Piece
(Dated especially for this event.)
Item is designers choice! (Item can be anything you can  imagine, As long as
it is dated!)
1st place 75K
2nd place 50K
3rd place 25K
For NEW Artwork  Jazz/Blues related.
Item is designers choice!
(Item can be wall art, free standing picture, furniture, home  improvement,
vehicle, etc. you name it!)
1st place 75K
2nd place 50K
3rd place 25K
For NEW Clothing articles  Jazz Blues related.
Item is designers choice!
(Item can be any Apparel!)
1st place 75K
2nd place 50K
3rd place 25K


Winner of this category will be determined from  ALL entries in ALL
categories, making everyone’s chance of winning equal! This will be determined as the¬†
“JUDGES PICK,” of all the items entered. The one entry that stands out. The¬†
one that screams,………..
Yeah man!

No One item can win more than one prize!
1st RULE is this however, No Basic Membership  allowed to enter contest. This
is due to the fact that you cannot give and  receive on a basic. So, if you
did win, you couldn’t collect ūüė¶
So, I suggest you get yourself an upgrade, heck, contest or not.. it’s¬† worth
2nd RULE, when you have your item approved and get  it listed in auctions,
send in name and auction  number for each item you are entering.
That auction information will be submitted  As your entry to the judges. So
be sure you have the numbers  correct.
DEADLINE   All must be  recieved by e-mail no later than  April  22,2006

Send replies and entries to:
Subject: THERE JAZZ FEST  _iam4kidsgranny@aol.com_

Winners will be announced at the Jazz Fest, and will have the opportunity  to
collect their winnings at that time! You do not have to be present to win, 
however, it is encouraged that you attend. All winners will be published and 
notified by e-mail to the address on your entry.
You will then have 30 days to collect. Any unclaimed TBUX after that 30 day 
period will revert to the donor.
There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to any of these  rules!

Thanks and Good Luck everyone!
Have fun bringing us more Jazz and Blues!