What does "Meet ya at da flag pole!" mean?
Back in the day, before cell phones, the only way to meet friends at the Jazz Fest was at the flag pole in the very center of the infield at the Fairgrounds. So for example when making plans to meet friends at the Jazz Fest, one would say "Meet ya at da flag pole at 12:00 PM … I will be da one wit a Parrot on my head and a beer in my hand!"

What are the other poles?
Dozens of people bring long poles to mark where their group has set up. These serve as some of the only landmarks in a massive sea of people. Locals call these "spirit poles" and decorate them with everything from inflatable sheep to Mardi Gras flags to wind-chimes made of Barbie doll parts.

I'll need to meet up with my friends somewhere at the Fest. Where are some good meeting places?
A good meeting place should be relatively easy to find and accessible. For example:
*The Pedestrian Entrance
*The Contemporary Crafts area in Heritage Square close to the Pedestrian entrance.
* Information Booths
* Flagpole at the center of the Fairgrounds
* Bring your own pole
* Native American Village which is relatively close to the Food Booths located in the center of the Fairgrounds