We have an outdooor courtyard at Maidenflight Hermit 015. Visit often, bring your friends and relax in the courtyard with it's romantic ocean setting! Visit us soon. If you like it,… join us! Thanks, fem50single

Other clubs and projects I am working on in There.

Log on to WWW.There.com and search in "clubs", to read more :

  • Femway, INC.
  • : This is the Umbrella group for all of the clubs and projects that are currently keeping me so busy 🙂

  • : This club is for the production end of things, Ref: Mardi Gras Carnival 2006, Jazz Blues Fest 2006, and the many more yet to come!

  • The Quarter
  • : A few really active and involved members of the Jazz club, that want to stay on top of all the news and be a part of all the activities!

  • Fem is in… Designs
  • : My own line of ladies apparel, mostly all skin tones.

  • The Krewe of Ereht
  • : The name "there", spelled backwards! This is the Mardi Gras "Krewe" name we voted on for ourselves, to be known as, now and forever!

The Zone Transit System has teleport links to many Funzones

:This will help get you where you want to go, and maybe a few places ya never knew about!